Hunting in Poland

Ready for an indelible experience and escapades in Poland?

Memorable events in Poland

Poland is a country with a deeply rooted hunting tradition.

We invite hunting enthusiasts to unforgettable experiences in Polish forests…

We offer:

  • Collective Hunting
  • Individual hunts for bull deer
  • Individual hunts for roe buck
  • Individual hunts for wild boars
  • Hunts for ducks
  • Hunts for geese

Hunting in Poland

We offer 3 types of hunting tailored to your needs!

Collective hunts

Collective hunts are organized in groups of 10-20 people. Hunting is conducted by experienced hunters with beaters and professionally trained dogs.
We also have dogs specially trained to look for wounded animals. During the break, a hot meal is served. We help our guests to better understand Polish hunting traditions.
After the signal of the hunting start, we hear the dogs’ sounds carried by the deep echoes, then the spirit of hunting wakes up in each of us and the level of adrenaline rises… You are welcome.

Individual hunts

Our offer includes: individual hunting for deer/bull deer, fallow deer/bull fallow deer, bucks/roe bucks, mouflons and wild boars. We also recommend hunting for wild boars during the full moon.
During hunting, each hunter has his hunter leader that knows the area.
We are accommodating our guests in cozy hotels and pensions with nice service and tasty Polish cuisine.
Each hunter is treated individually and we try to meet his expectations.
From our hunting nobody returns with empty heart…

Hunting for birds

We invite bird hunting enthusiasts to hunt for geese and wild ducks.
Hunts are organized in very rich hunting areas in the south of Poland.
We usually go to the hunting area twice a day. At lunch break a hot meal is served. The whole ends with a solemn disposition of hunted animals in a proper row and a feast with a baked boar.
We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

See Trophies from Hunting in Poland!

The forests in which we hunt are attractive hunting grounds, rich in interesting specimens of bull deer and roe bucks.


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